St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology
1:00 PM - Finally Free

Jay Cartwright

I sit on the cliff,
staring out to sea,
weighed down by thoughts,
overwhelming me.

I hear a voice,
in the still soft breeze,
calling me by name,
urging me to “Take the leap!”

I see my chance,
I jump to my feet,
I plunge into the abyss,
into the deep blue sea.

I try to swim,
but can’t help but sink,
I need to break free,
something is anchoring me.

I look around,
What do I see?
but Your hand,
reaching out to me.

I grab ahold,
so afraid I’ll drown,
Then You help me let go,
of all that is weighing me down.

We rise to the top,
then breathe in deep.
I’m finally free,
to just be me.

Together we swim,
having fun in the sea.
I’ll be forever grateful.
You’ve been so good to me.

"The Last Sunset" by Robert Healey