St. Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology
3:00 PM - A Child

Timothy Santos

She was what everyone called shy and she lived this attribute to the fullest extent.

"Why not come out and play?" all the neighborhood children would think to themselves about her.

She simply didn't.  It wasn't because she loathed her neighbors or found them unbearable, for she was rather fond of them all, but there was something wrong with them; all of them. They were dangerous. All of them were dangerous!  They didn't have to like her, they did not have to play with her and this made them, quite frankly, the most dangerous people in her eyes.

While all the other kids would play outside and be joyful, she would stay indoors and, in a certainly unconscious fashion, would try to drown out their cries of happiness.  No song was loud enough, no book enthralling enough to completely block the taunts that were their joys and fun, but this did not stop her from trying.

One day the sounds of their play were so bright and so clear that she decided to venture behind her house to the backyard.

"Surely it will be nicer back here." she reasoned with herself, "Why should I be cooped up all day in the house?"
For indeed it was a beautifully calm summer afternoon and the breeze was just right.

"I will listen to my songs outside today," she resolved with great excitement.

It was a rarity for anyone to see her outside in the summertime, but her backyard was enclosed by a high wooden fence and she felt rather comfortable and safe.  She would be alone.  She soon began to play music from the CD stereo player she had received as a present and things were turning out quite alright as she lazed about on the backyard swinging bench.

One thing she loved to do was to listen to her favorite songs and because her new CD player had a REPEAT function she was making full use of it as she relaxed to the fourth run of a particularly catchy tune.  This was the perfect way to spend a beautiful summer day.

"Change the damn song," he yelled from his second story room window.

It was a cry that could be heard clearly over her music and one that thoroughly startled her and shook her from her paradise.

"They've found me," she shrieked as she hit STOP and ran inside her house. The door slammed shut and she was gone.

"The Last Sunset" by Robert Healey